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Experience And Expertise

Steve has enjoyed a 40 year career in higher education, with a background that spans enrollment management, student affairs, finance and administration and institutional leadership.  He has represented organizations in governmental relations, licensing affairs, community outreach and public relations –the latter involving multiple appearances on local TV news programs, along with being highlighted on TNT as a community ‘difference maker’ for his work in STEM related education.  Steve was also chosen by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s World Business Chicago team to participate in its first WBC Fellowship program, spending three months working with the higher ed, funding and workforce development communities in Cook County, IL.  Since 2011, Steve has been responsible for coaching and developing middle-to-executive level leaders in the higher education setting.   His focus is on executive coaching in a one-on-one environment, asking the right questions — rather than providing one-time advice — to ensure that each client develops their own unique solutions and strengths.  He emphasizes candor and confidentiality, providing a safe environment for employee exploration, reflection and development.   Steve’s key areas of expertise include:

Steve’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Effective communication and presentation
  • Effective team building
  • Strategic planning

Client Quotes

  • “Steve Brown is a highly effective executive coach/consultant, who has been successful in turning around the performance of high-potential managers who sometimes struggle with interpersonal and organizational dynamics.  His expert coaching has helped both new and experienced managers in our organization to become more self-aware, more open to constructive feedback and more keenly attuned to the perspectives of colleagues. Managers who have been coached by Steve become better team players and more valuable contributors to their organization.”  Chris Grevesen, Ph.D., Metro President, DeVry University, New Jersey Campuses
  • “Steve was instrumental in helping me achieve greater results from my teams.  He taught me how to get out of the weeds and view situations from a more holistic perspective, allowing me to lead more effectively.  During times of organizational change, Steve provided much needed guidance and encouragement, and helped me pull the trigger on some tough decisions.  I’m a much better leader because of his coaching.”  Dr. Anne Figus, Dean of Academic Affairs, DeVry University, Tinley Park, IL
  • “As a coach, Steve Brown has given me great insight on how to handle difficult situations. He does not give me the answers nor suggestions, but somehow empowers me to take that next step to make my own decisions and beconfident in them. His dedication to helping me grow professionally has given me the tools to take on many challenges within my current position.” Tu Nguyen, Carrington College, Dean of Academic Affairs, CA
  • “In the end, you have helped me develop leadership skills by stretching me, but never pushing me. Through your mentorship, I saw results and I gained confidence! I often step back to reflect on what you have taught me. You were my catalyst for success!!”  Mary O’Callaghan, Business Analyst, Ross University, North Brunswick, NJ
  • “Steve is an amazing coach and working with him has far exceeded my expectations. He is patient and easy to communicate with but will challenge you to see and think beyond what’s comfortable so that you recognize the bigger picture. Using his knowledge, insight, and resourcefulness, he helped me to take an honest look at myself and identify the areas where I’m strong and where I still need some work. Thanks to Steve, my professional growth has been exponential over the past year. His constant encouragement and support gave me the courage to step outside of my comfort zone.”  Tanika Travis, National Director of Student Finance, DeVry University OnLine, Downers Grove, IL
  • “My coaching experience with Steve surpassed all expectations.  From the first coaching session to the last session, he made me feel as if my development and growth is all that matters. I always felt like a partner in our coaching/mentoring relationship.  He listens without judging, and he challenges you to be your best self.”   Kenya Truman, DeVry University, Lombard, IL
  • “Steve received high praise and feedback scores from his client group. Steve’s skillful coaching ability soon led to his working with other internal clients across the enterprise ”  Susan Moss, Program Leader, LEAD and Mentoring, Cardinal Health, Columbus, OH

Professional Certifications

  • The Executive Edge®: The Coaching AdvantEdge™
  • Innovea: The Integrated Psychological Profile (IPsP – based upon the I-Ching)
  • Certified in The Forte® Institute: Forte® Assessment Process
  • Certified in the Center for Creative Leadership: 360 Methodologies and Coaching

Education And Professional Associations

Steve holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Rider University and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Princeton University.

More About Steve

Steve is a former college athlete and life-long Red Sox fan.  He is an avid reader and student of servant leadership, emotional intelligence and their long term implications for organizational health.  Along with wife, Patty, and their four sons, he resides in Winter Springs, Florida with frequent trips to his home state of Rhode Island.

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