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We have been recognized by external organizations for our best practices in accelerated leadership development including Executive Coaching, Mentoring Programs, Action Learning Teams, 360 Degree Assessment, Feedback and Development Planning, Leadership Development Summits/Seminars and leading edge accelerated high potential development programs to round out your development programs.

We work in partnership with your organization to learn the unique attributes of your organization such as the strategies, challenges, competition, retention challenges, business goals and culture in order to design development processes that are sustainable and result in positive business impact. We measure our success on your ability to identify, retain and develop exceptional talent and ultimately build bench strength to fuel your growth.

High Potential Leadership Development

Leadership Development

With increasing pressure to deliver results to shareholders, organizations are looking to their high potential/high performing leaders more than ever before. In order to engage and retain this critical group, organizations need to offer business challenges and development assignments designed to deliberately stretch and grow their capabilities. We specialize in the design and implementation of corporate-wide high potential development processes, which have received best practice recognition. We partner with you to customize an end-to-end process for developing your high potential leadership talent from CEO Sponsored Action Learning Teams to Shadow Cabinets, long-term and short-term stretch assignments, mentoring, learning circles, symposiums and more. We invite you to choose from an array of over 20 best practices in developing future executives. We’ll build the process, leader’s guides and tools to sustain the programs long after we are gone. We also offer a turnkey solution to help assist your organization in implementing these high potential accelerated development processes if needed.

Our development processes deliver results. We take great pride in helping you to build the depth and quality of your bench strength for mission-critical positions and deliver upon your ROI expectations. In addition, we have a stellar track record of being able to deliver high potential retention rates of 98.5% or above for this target population. Let us put these proven processes to use in your organization to ignite the passion of your best and brightest stars.

Drawing from a national network of seasoned coaches coast to coast, The Executive Edge®’s coaching services help senior leaders to achieve their full potential. We work with your organization’s specific leadership competencies while focusing on excellence in execution of results.

  • We will contract with you at the front end of the engagement to ensure that your goals are clear for the coaching engagement and that the measurements of success are firmly in place.
  • We will coordinate the completion of multiple assessments that will lead to greater self-awareness.
  • We will conduct rich interviews of your direct reports, peers, superiors and managers.
  • We will conduct feedback sessions that provide a balanced perspective on what you do well and where your development opportunities lie.
  • We will conduct rich, customized coaching sessions tailored to meet your specific development needs and enable you to design a robust development plan.
  • We will conduct just-in-time follow up coaching sessions throughout the year to ensure all obstacles are overcome.
  • We will review progress made in desired behavioral changes, and discuss next steps beyond initial engagement.

The bottom line: The Executive Edge®, Inc.’s leading edge coaching process provides invaluable insights combined with tangible development recommendations taken from the most current research on what it takes to develop executive talent and meet the challenges faced today.

The reason many mentoring programs fail is two-fold: 1) Mentors often have positive intentions but do not have a clear understanding of why they were chosen and the role they can play in a mentor relationship and 2) The organization lacks the necessary tools and basic framework to enable leaders to be successful in this partnership. We work with you to tailor tools and processes to complement your existing development processes. We can customize tools to ensure a successful launch of mentor relationships, foster rich dialogues throughout the mentor process and educate the mentors/mentees to recognize and act upon opportunities for professional growth. We build processes to last.

One of the greatest methods to drive professional growth and development of your leaders is to engage them in an Action Learning Team experience. We work with your executive team to identify pressing business challenges that will create a 30-90 day team based stretch assignment. We will build the end-to-end process to ensure the success of these leaders. Our consultants will work with you in the selection of the team members, identification of the business challenge, launch of the teams, coaching & feedback to individual members, and dry-run presentations to the final recommendations made to the executive team. Each leader will feel supported throughout every step of the process to ensure maximum learning as a result of this experience.

We create safe forums for your leaders to explore their innate strengths and capabilities while learning how to leverage them to a greater extent. In addition, we utilize leading-edge assessment tools which are grounded in best practices for developing executive leaders. You will use reliable and robust tools to accurately identify both strengths and development opportunities. Our assessment process coupled with coaching from seasoned professionals helps you to develop an accurate self-awareness and develop the insights and action plans necessary to take your leadership to new heights. We are confident that an accurate self-awareness along with deliberate plans for developing your capabilities is the key to continued success.


The Executive Edge® will provide thought leadership in designing your next leadership summit. Expose your leaders to state-of-the-art leadership practices and techniques to strengthen their capabilities. Take your leadership team to new levels of effectiveness in pursuit of established goals.

  • Sharpen the professional skills of your top talent
  • Learn from and expand your leadership team’s network of peers and thought leaders
  • Benchmark your organization against best practice organizations
  • Access the latest research, tools, and techniques

Call for more information regarding how we can tailor a session that will have a lasting impact for years to come.

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