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“Anytime I have worked with The Executive Edge®, they have been very responsive to our needs. The personalized attention, inquiry and solution design consistently delivers with measurable impact and sustainable results. They helped us look beyond the immediate need, taking a more strategic approach which ensured that the improvements we realized were maintained over the long term.”
– Vice President, Institute for Learning, Harris N.A.

“The Executive Edge® consulting firm excels in excellence!!!  Their training is presented with a simplified, innovative and practical approach.  They have the unique ability to dissect an issue and develop solutions that challenge a company to create a higher standard for its employees.”
– Vice-President, Enrollment, DeVry University

“As a participant in an executive coaching process facilitated by The Executive Edge®, I found it to be extremely effective and efficient.  Targeted, meaningful feedback was gathered, analyzed, and presented both to me and to my leader.  The process provided the feedback and focus necessary to develop and execute a concise plan to meet both my career goals as well as my company’s business objectives.”
– Managing Director-Operations, Principal Global Investors

“Kim Ramsey and The Executive Edge® led our Harris Private Bank Managing Directors through a Strategic Planning Offsite. Our goal was to adopt a high-performance culture and to seek greater individual and team contributions from our employees in order to grow our business exponentially.  The Executive Edge® framework served to educate and focus an elite group of managers who were critical to our organization’s success.  We worked together to develop key strategic priorities to be executed over a two year timeframe.  These priorities would be the foundation of an organizational shift into a high performing culture with a new definition of both personal and corporate success.  Through the Executive Edge® teachings, we each became individual change agents who were empowered to go back into our own markets to guide our teams to greater contributions.  While we are still engaged on our path of change, the tangible and financial signs of success are there and will only deepen and broaden with time.  This change is foundational and provides us a new paradigm to measure success and reward our people accordingly.  Each manager was given an individual strategic priority initiative to accomplish; my strategic priority resulted in a new performance management system which provided clarity and focus for our performance appraisal process, and improved our manager – employee communications regarding individual contributions and rewards.  Kim Ramsey and The Executive Edge® provided us tremendous guidance and education with far-reaching results. I am a big believer in the program.”
– Senior Managing Director, BMO Harris Private Bank

“Effective leadership is a critical component of building a successful organization and a lack of effective leadership can destroy it. As both a member of the advisory committee at DeVry that partnered with The Executive Edge® to create the organization’s high-potential leadership development program and as a graduate of the first class of the program itself, I have a unique perspective on how the firm has been able to partner with our organization design and implement strategies that produce a continual stream of ready-now talent for key leadership roles throughout the company. They have proved to be a tremendous business partner and the leadership competency development, high-potential leadership development, and executive coaching programs they have designed and implemented for DeVry I believe to be some of the finest programs that have been created to develop leaders in any organization. What we have accomplished to date as a result of our partnership with The Executive Edge® has been truly remarkable and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another organization looking to develop their current and future leaders.”
– Group President, DeVry Education Group

“The Executive Edge® professionals helped bring strategy alive.  They encouraged us to challenge one another and our preconceived notions and helped us to really drill down and understand how to make our vision a reality.  The focus on execution has helped us stay on track and reach our stated goals!”
– President Midwest Region & Florida, BMO Harris Private Bank

“I engaged The Executive Edge® as I was seeking a partner who would help us to drive accountability and focus on the strategic priorities of our company. The Executive Edge® did their homework to develop a strong grasp of our organization prior to our first meeting.  Their ability to probe to the heart of issues we were facing, and provide the feedback we needed, was truly exceptional.  The Executive Edge® helped us build a framework for strategy development and accountability that is still in place today, more than three years now since we partnered with the firm. The enduring legacy of this partnership has left our team stronger and more focused and I would not hesitate to recommend The Executive Edge® to another company looking for a partner who can deliver sustainable improvements for their own organization.” 
– President, BMO Harris myCFO Inc.

“As a new executive starting up a new function with resources pulled from across the company and country, it was imperative that the team gel quickly and develop a common set of priorities and objectives.  The Executive Edge® conducted a ‘New Executive Assimilation’ which helped the team quickly figure out its individual and collective styles and strengths, set forth a common mission and identify an action plan around strategic initiatives that would allow the team to have an immediate impact on the corporation.  This process built a foundation for sustaining success and effective teamwork.”
– VP/GM, Pipe and Foundations Group, CertainTeed Corporation

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